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Services: Equipment Supply/Rental

Moorhouse can supply both rental, purchase and consumable equipment straight off the shelf, this allows quick turnaround times for clients in need of equipment at short notice. With our in-house logistic capabilities, items can be shipped immediately using external hauliers or Moorhouse’s own vans and HGV.

As well as mainstream equipment, Moorhouse also has obscure items such as discontinued items for older projects (including tubing and casing connections) and custom designed systems built to meet the demands of our clients.

Moorhouse have the following available for immediate delivery:

Camp Equipment

Cabins (welfare, accommodation, laundry, offices, security cabins, mud labs with effluent tanks); Fuel Bowsers (1,000 litre tanks both skid and towable, 100 litre site bowsers); Camp generators (42 kVa); Lighting Towers (with 240v 16A and 32A hookup); Site conduits; General miscellaneous site setup equipment; Salt spreader (towable for salting site and access roads during winter months); Rock salt; ISO Potable water tank; Water pressure pumps


Varying sizes, weights and grades of full casing joints and pup joints; Couplings; Landing joints; Crossovers; Protectors

Cementing Equipment

Centralisers (bow spring, rigid, spiral etc); Stop collars; Float Shoes; Float Collars; Cement Plugs; Drill pipe wiper balls


General chemicals; Mud additives; Rust-prevention coatings for drillpipe/casing/tubing


Mobile phones with conferencing facilities; Mobile internet; Satellite systems

EX Rated Equipment

Mobile phones; Handheld Site radios; Rugged Torches

General Equipment

Modular tank system (allows up to 5 x 60 bbl tanks to be connected onsite, allows tanks to be unloaded and moved by forklift); 350 bbl Storage Tanks; Mud balances; Water test kits; Pressure washing systems; Compressors; Pipe storage racks; Selection of hand tools including flogging spanners; pipe wrenches and chain tongs; Transport stillages and baskets


Drillpipe crossovers; Drillpipe/casing/tubing drifts; Bit gauges

Lifting Equipment

JCB 4.1t telehandler (with spark arrestor and chalwyn valve for use in zoned areas); Man baskets; Various lifting tackle (slings, shackles and swivels); Lift caps for drillpipe; Pipe grabs; Buckets

Pumping/testing equipment

High pressure (10,000 psi) hand test pumps; High pressure (10,000 psi) air-driven test pumps; FIT test pump; Chart Recorders (upto 10,000 psi); High pressure hoses and fittings; Trash pumps; Test caps

Safety Equipment

Fire extinguishers; Safety barriers; First Aid/Eye Wash stations; Site windsocks; Site spill kits; Confined space entry equipment (including BA sets and harnesses); Gas detectors (both personal and area); Site bunds; COSHH Stores

Specialist downhole tools

Floats; Cup tester; Drill bits (both PDC and cone); Packers; Sliding sleeves; Nipples; WEGs


Varying sizes, weights and grades of full tubing joints and pup joints; Couplings; Crossovers (Obscure and obsolete connections available); Protectors

Tubing Running Equipment

Slip bowl; Slips; Elevators; Dog collars; Tubing running tongs (up to 5-1/2”); Hydraulic power units

Wellhead tools

Back Pressure Valves (BPVs) in various sizes with running tools; Running tools for various wellhead manufacturers including Claxton, Wood Group and Streamflo systems; Flange crossovers – DSAs, spool pieces, injection/test caps; Wellhead running flanges; Ring gaskets; Gate valves

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