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Services: Logistics and Procurement

The Logistics and Procurement department manage the procurement of equipment and consumables and support the Drilling and Completion Engineers in the procurement of materials and services. Through delivery of numerous onshore UK projects Moorhouse have a detailed knowledge of the marketplace and have a network of equipment suppliers who, like Moorhouse, appreciate the differences in cost base between on-shore and off-shore operations. With these established relationships we are able to drive cost savings through negotiation. We regularly source equipment from UK, European and North American suppliers and can manage all aspects of the process through to delivery at the wellsite.

Each item or group of items are procured separately initially to obtain market rates which historically has provided the best price. A ‘bundled’ or ‘one stop shop’ supplier approach can be investigated where discounts are offered across a product and service range ensuring the client receives value for money.

Moorhouse also offer on-site logistical support that helps the operator track shipments to, from and whilst on site, reducing the risk of lost items. An on-site support role also offers a quicker turn around on both rental and hot-shot items with a better understanding of ongoing operations effectively reducing costs.

Moorhouse services include:

  • Invitation to Tender (ITT) Exercises
  • Service Recommendation
  • Purchase Order System
  • Supply and Recharge
  • Receiving Orders for Storage Before Operations Commence
  • On-site Logistical Presence